NEW VISION FILM as a professional window film manufacturer, we are dedicated at producing and developing high quality window films, with a strong R&D team, and strict IQC & OQC Quality inspection team.
Factory combined the coating, lamination, stamping, hard-coating, designing into a train service to control products quality and offer customer high effective service. NEW VISION’s production capacity is now in the rank of largest manufacturer in China mainland with 5 production lines, and 2 workshops. Our Production line is ranging from PET base Film, Automotive Window Film, Building Glass Film, Safety Film to Decoration Film, Energy Saving Film…etc.


Technical advantage

New Vision Film factory has advanced technical equipment and professional technical team, which can develop and produce high-quality and high-performance automotive film products.


Material advantage

New Horizons Film factory selects high-quality materials for production, Ashland pressure sensitive glue and Lubrizol aliphatic substrate to ensure the durability, weather resistance and optical performance of automotive film.

Production capacity

New Vision Film factory has large-scale production capacity, can meet the market demand, and can customize production according to customer needs.


Quality control

New Vision Film factory strictly controls the quality in the production process, from raw material procurement to finished products will be strictly inspected and tested to ensure that product quality meets the standard.

Innovation ability

New Vision Film factory continues to carry out technological innovation and product research and development, and introduce new varieties and new functions of automotive film products to meet the growing needs of consumers.


After-sales service

New Vision Film factory usually provides a perfect after-sales service system, can provide technical support, product warranty and after-sales consulting services, to provide customers with a full range of support and solutions.

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