How to construct auto paint protective film

1. Check the car paint: check whether the car paint has scratches, etched marks, whether there is paint, paint off, crystal plating and so on.

2. Clean the car paint: thoroughly clean the car, from coarse to fine, fine car wash, to ensure that the car paint surface is clean, and avoid affecting the construction effect due to foreign bodies in the paint surface.

3. Measure the car and cut the film: Choose the manual film to go through the car ring, the technician cuts the Nick film according to the size of the car paint plate (choose the special cocoa to ignore this link), followed by the matching installation liquid, and install the protective cover to the car.

4. Film coating process: Remove the bottom film - evenly spray the installation liquid on the Nick film and the paint to be pasted - Attach the car paint, scrape and drain, evenly drive out the water between the film and the car paint - cut the edge, cut off the excess film edge, leaving about 5 cm of edge for wrapping.

5. Extrusion and fixing: After the protective film is attached to the body, gently squeeze the surface with a wiper to ensure that there are no bubbles and gaps between the film and the car paint.For complex curved parts, you can use a heat gun or heater to heat the film, and then squeeze it again with a wiper to make it fit better. Stay focused and patient to ensure a smooth and even surface throughout the film.

6. Prevent scratches: When trimming and finishing, be careful to avoid touching the protective film with a sickle or other sharp tools to prevent scratches on the surface of the film. If small scratches or blemishes appear, they can be repaired using car waxing or brightener.

7. Final inspection: After finishing the film, check the entire surface to ensure that the film and the body fit tightly, without bubbles, wrinkles or other defects. If a problem is found, it can be reheated and extruded until the problem is resolved.

The above is the detailed steps of the construction of the protective film of the car coating. Please note that actual construction may vary due to the shape and size of each vehicle. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully read the use instructions of the protective film before construction, and operate according to the actual situation. If you are not sure how to construct, it is best to consult a professional car decoration shop or seek the help of a professional builder.

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