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1. 准备工作:将需要贴膜的车辆停在干燥、无风的室内或者有遮阳罩的室外,清洁车辆表面,确保无尘、油污和其他杂质。可以使用专业的汽车清洁剂和清洁布清理车身。
2. 测量和切割膜:使用专业的膜测量仪器,根据车身尺寸进行测量,并在专业的切割机上裁剪适合车身各个部位的膜片。
3. 贴膜:在贴膜过程中,需要用到专业的贴膜工具,如刮胶刀、火烧刀、热风枪等。首先,将贴膜片浸泡在清水中,再在车身表面涂抹薄膜水,使得贴膜更容易贴合车身。然后将膜片贴在车身上,使用刮胶刀将膜片上的水泡和空气排除,确保膜片与车身贴合紧密。
4. 整理与修剪:贴好膜片后,使用刮胶刀、火烧刀等工具,修剪多余的膜片,并将膜边整理得平整、整齐。
5. 去除水泡:贴好膜片后,用火烧刀或热风枪加热膜片,使其收缩,去除残余的水泡和起皱现象。
6. 清理和养护:施工完成后,用专业的清洁剂和清洁布擦拭车身,去除多余的胶水和膜片残留物。最后,避免使用腐蚀性清洁剂和刮擦工具,同时避免在贴膜表面使用过于高温的设备。


The construction process of automotive film usually includes the following steps:  
1. Preparation: Park the vehicle that needs to be coated in a dry, windless indoor or outdoor with a sunshade, and clean the surface of the vehicle to ensure that there is no dust, oil and other impurities.  Professional car cleaners and cleaning cloths can be used to clean the body. 
2. Measuring and cutting film: Using professional film measuring instruments, measuring according to the size of the body, and cutting the diaphragm suitable for all parts of the body on a professional cutting machine.  
3. Film: In the film process, you need to use professional film tools, such as squeezer, fire knife, heat gun, etc.  First, the film is soaked in clean water, and then the film water is applied on the surface of the body to make the film easier to fit the body.  The diaphragm is then attached to the body of the car, and the bubble and air are removed from the diaphragm using a squeegee to ensure that the diaphragm is tightly fitted to the body.  
4. Finishing and trimming: After pasting the film, use a squeezer, fire knife and other tools to trim the excess film, and finish the film edge smoothly and neatly.  
5. Remove blisters: After the membrane is affixed, heat the membrane with a fire knife or heat gun to shrink it and remove the remaining blisters and wrinkles.  
6. Cleaning and maintenance: After the construction is completed, wipe the body with professional detergent and cleaning cloth to remove excess glue and membrane residue.  Finally, avoid using corrosive cleaners and scraping tools, and avoid using excessively hot equipment on the film surface.  
The above is the general construction process of automotive film, the specific operation method may vary according to different brands of film materials and tools, it is recommended to carefully read and follow the product instructions before construction.  In addition, for those who do not have relevant experience and technology, it is recommended to seek professional help for film construction. 

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