What are the main paint protective films

Commonly used paint protective film mainly includes the following types:

1. Transparent Plastic Film: This is the most common type of lacquer protective film, usually made of polyurethane or polymer materials, which can effectively protect the body from external factors such as stones, scratches, dirt and UV rays.

2. Self-Healing Protection Film: This film has a self-healing function, that is, it can automatically repair minor scratches or minor flaws, and keep the finish clean and integrity.

3. Satin Protection Film: The surface of the satin protection film has a certain sanding effect, which brings a unique texture and visual effect to the appearance of the car, and also protects the paint from scratches and dirt.

4. Color Protection Film: This film can change the appearance of the car color, but also effectively protect the original paint from damage, to add a personalized appearance to the body.

5. Ceramic Nano Coating: Although it is not a traditional protective film, ceramic nano coating is also a common way of automobile protection. It uses advanced nanotechnology to form a hard protective film on the surface of the car paint, which has the characteristics of weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance and dirt resistance.

These lacquered protective films are offered by different brands and manufacturers in the market, and you can choose the right type and brand according to your personal needs and budget. In addition, each protective film has its own specific construction methods and precautions, please read the instructions carefully before purchase and use.

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